Yoga retreat in cuba back in times

Colourful Cuba

cubania 1.jpg

Cuba is the most colorful place I’ve seen, not only for its beautiful architecture but also for its cheerful people. The pearl of the Caribbean gathers several races, cultures and religions that make it without a doubt a wonderful destination for yoga retreats.

Loaded with history and secrets, Cuba has an unrivaled wealth: Its people. We Cubans are positive, pure of heart and in solidarity. And maybe it’s our solidarity that catches the attention of visitors.We Cubans share our music, our folklore, our food and even our funny words that sometimes we do not even understand.

We cubans are very family oriented people. The family is our backbone, no matter how distant we are physically, every Cuban carries in his heart the grandpa who smoked his cigar while helping you do the homework or that grandmother who each morning placed a marpacific flower in her hair while singing a song to Yemayá


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