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There is no perfect asana!!!

There is no perfect asana.

When I started in the world of Yoga, one of my doubts and partly fear was if my asanas would be good . Many times I limited myself to practice in group classes and I even stopped doing the postures that according to me were not perfect enough. It was clear that I did not understand anything about Yoga.

I know this is a problem that affects many beginners. In this post I will share my experiences regarding how not to be afraid of the Imperfect Asanas(because there are no perfect asanas).

Some Yoga instructors demand too much of their students in the classes. They expect the practitioners’ asanas to be exactly the same as the ones they perform. This often causes lack of motivation and disinterest to the students, who think that doing Yoga is imitating and doing with their body the difficult postures that some teachers do. In the end, many students end up giving up.

Yoga is not showing, it is more feeling. Yoga is to feel your union with your body and your spirit, it is every moment in which we are conscious.

Let’s become aware of our body, love its limitations and enjoy the practice without fears.

Keywords and meanings:

ASANA: “Yoga postures or Yoga positions” Asanas are the physical movements of yoga practice.

there is no perfect asana

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