Join Ludisis Mones  a Cuban dancer and certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Guenther Schauer Thai Massage Instructor for this 7 Days Couples “Eco – Yoga” Retreat in Bali.

Bring your partner to the yoga mat and breath!

If you are a yoga lover, why do you hoard everything for yourself? Take your relationship to the mat and strengthen your relationship with each asana you make!

Yoga as a couple is a great opportunity to experience the construction of trust, greater intimacy and improved communication, all thanks to simple and powerful poses and techniques. Who knew that the child’s pose (or any yoga pose) could be responsible for greater happiness and satisfaction in their relationship?

Bring your partner to the yoga mat, and feel each inhalation and exhalation together. Be a force of connection and support both physically and emotionally.

In our retreat it does not matter what level of Yoga each one has. Even if both are beginners (or are in different stages if one of you has experience with yoga and the other does not), this yoga retreat for couples is the perfect platform to support each other from one pose to another, improving their communication and sharing the experience, together.

During the retreat we will delve into the benefits of Yoga. In our classes and workshops with each stretch, inhalation and deep connection we will connect with ourselves and we will witness the enjoyment of our better half.

Each class is designed for the participation of both, each pose is done in conjunction with growing trust and confidence. Let’s look at our partner’s eyes as we meditate, focusing on the moment we are together, learning to let go and experience intimacy.

Our Yoga retreat will be at Bali Eco Stay, a small boutique resort with 8 uniquely designed Balinese bungalows and pondoks, immersed in tropical food forest on the southern slopes of Mt Batukaru in the central Bali mountains, about 90 minutes drive from Ubud.

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